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As of the 1st of October, Bas Kievits joined S4D as a Developer.

Bas will help further transform the technical architecture in order to make sure that the products that we develop can grow and improve. Ensuring that we deliver the best products to our partners. We are excited to have Bas in our team!

Hi Bas, why did you choose to join S4D?
I left a company which could not make up its mind, it was continuously asking itself the question whether it wanted to be a project or product-based company. S4D definitely has a vision that aligns more to my way of thinking. The product vision and partner oriented mindset really appealed to me.  Furthermore I was intrigued by the open and transparent culture. At the same time this opportunity was a great match for me, I liked the idea of being able to work on new skills and become proficient in a new domain while also bringing my skillset and experiences to S4D.

What is your main goal to achieve with S4D?
The way the company is growing requires a renewed approach to the technical architecture and front-end solutions. My goal is to help further transform parts of the solution into a more modular, scalable and robust system so that the products we develop can grow together with the company.

What will be the biggest challenges?
At my previous job I was a technical lead and ran two teams, even though at the time felt like I might not have been totally prepared for it. I had much more responsibilities than I have in my new role. This change gives me more time to work on development/programming tasks but it requires a large shift in focus in my technical and personal development. In the end, I embrace the challenges of  software development and this is the reason I got into the business and I am excited to further develop myself.