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​Since December 1st, Rutger Treffers has joined us as our ne
Head of Sales. Rutger brings a huge bag of commercial
experience and a personality you love to work with.
His successes as Commercial Director at Deliveroo
e him the perfect person to set up our dedicated
sales tea
m as hands-on leader and help us conquer

Rutger will help S4D grow even faster in 2022
and achieve our big ambitions in the years to come.
Read more about Rutger's plans at S4D via the link below.

Rutger, it's time to Deliver!

Why did you choose to join s4d?

My first contact with S4D was actually already 3 years ago.
As I was the Commercial Director of Deliveroo in the Netherlands, I had contact with Philippe for NYP and he told me he was building a new company with his partners for the QSR industry including an own cloud-based POS.
After a very nice chat with Ben, I had a good feeling and this continued after the chats with several stakeholders.

I really got excited about the entrepreneurship, ambition and the great product and team. 
After speaking with some customers, the enthusiasm about the added value of S4D really sticked with me.
I had and have a strong belief in the team and plans, and really wanted to be part of this journey.


My main goal is to multiply the customer portfolio, as the first person leading a dedicated sales team for S4D.
So far, the commercial side has been founder-led and seriously successful, so I am curious to see the results we can achieve as a dedicated sales team.
Also, I want to help maintain a positive relationship with existing and new customers and set up a strong and successful global salesforce.

What will be the biggest challEnge?

I believe the biggest challenge to overcome will be to manage the growth between all departments and making sure we continuously deliver on our promise.
The cross-team communication and collaboration is crucial and I think I can help in optimizing the harmonious connection amongst them.
The why of S4D is that we deliver solutions and that positive mindset is what keeps the team and will keep me going to achieve succeses together.
Therefore I'm excited about the years to come and milestones to achieve together.

On a personal note, I just turned 40 years old. I have a beautiful wife and two great little boys, Willem and Arthur.
We live in Blaricum in the Netherlands and obviously they are already big Ajax fans, just like me!
To whomever reading, I'm looking forward to meeting you!