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While finishing his Master studies in Data Science, Noam already has build up various years of relevant management work experience. We are happy to provide this high potential youngster the possibility to further develop his yet kickstarted career and help us further structure our key development processes.

Noam, it’s time to deliver!​

Hi Noam, why did you choose to join S4D?
Last year, during my studies, I did an internship at 
Solutions 4 Delivery. I assisted on a project in which we worked on improving the ‘Estimated Time of Arrival’. Making it more accurate and providing customers with more data.
I wrote my paper about this subject: “Forecasting food delivery times based on historical data.”

While doing my internship I was intrigued by the young yet extremely motivated team, all working hard to deliver the most advanced and best-performing services to its customers. After finishing my studies I knew that I wanted to contribute to this team and company.

Furthermore, food delivery is a booming market and many technological advancements are going to push this market even further. I personally noticed how we are all ordering more and more online and are continuously expecting higher quality “fast” food. Working with a team that is progressively improving these processes therefore not only excites me professionally but also personally. 

What is your main goal to achieve with S4D?
My main goal is to further improve the development processes. I want to assist in perfecting certain processes as well as improve reporting of development results. In general, it will be about providing more insights. Both for our customers as well as for our team, the more insights and data we have the more we know where to improve!

What will be the biggest challenge?
Keeping up with the high paced development of new technologies and functionalities, software companies are quickly changing and it is our job to stay ahead of our competitors. Therefore, adequate and agile development processes need to be warranted, and it is highly important to have an open mind-set and re-evaluate certain processes on a constant basis. By doing so, we can ensure that Solutions 4 Delivery stays the frontrunner on the market. 

What would you like to say to our readers?
Solutions 4 Delivery combines high-end functional data analytics and machine learning with a hard-working development team to provide a strong product for its customers worldwide. For people like me, this is a perfect place to continue my career, and I look forward to update you via this site and other platforms on all the exceptional things we are going to achieve together.