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Last month Frits Kastelein joined our React Native development team. Frits and the rest of his team help us develop the smartest and most innovative applications for our QSR customers. After years of studying and eight years of gaining experience and helping companies to grow and improve, Frits chose to become a member of the S4D family. We are confident that he will contribute to our goal of continuously improving our quality and delivering the best products to our partners. Read more about Frits here:​ 


Why did you choose to join S4D?

In one phrase: because of the culture and people. Everybody deserves a place to work where they are surrounded by friendly colleagues and where an atmosphere of mutual respect exists. S4D perfectly matches these two criteria. During my interviews and onboarding process, it became more and more clear that S4D is a company where the people are put first while the company as a whole is still delivering. At the time that I left my previous job, I was over-worked. Therefore, I was pleased with the possibility to work four days a week. This allows me to have a better work-life balance resulting in more productive days.

What is your main goal you want to achieve within S4D?

My main goal is to thrive and further develop myself as a Software Developer while having a healthy work-life balance. One of S4D’s goals is to release the Driver App which is going to be used by thousands of delivery drivers and different restaurants. For this reason, it is important that we keep it maintainable and modular. Since I am mainly going to work on this project, I feel obligated to serve our customers with a high-end application tailored to their needs.

what will be the biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge at S4D will be to deliver on time while ensuring quality: work result driven and still reserve the well-needed time for testing and writing documentation. Finding this equilibrium is hard, however, it will enable you to not just deliver but to overdeliver!  

We are very pleased to welcome Frits into the company and are excited to see him deliver!