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Test automation engineer 


As of the 1st of August, Rody Bothe joined S4D as Test Automation Engineer. Rody is an experienced Quality Assurance and Test Automation engineer and worked in this field for the past 8 years, helping different companies improve their software quality and automate testing processes. Rody will help accelerate the growth of S4D and assure that we are constantly delivering the best services to our partners. We are excited to have him join our team!


Hi Rody, why did you choose to join S4D?
"Well, first of all I was really fascinated by the all in one solution which S4D provides to their partners. The whole process and especially the delivery process runs so smoothly. Many different layers within franchise chains, including the end-user profit from this solution.

When I was younger I worked in multiple pizza store chains and still know people that work there. I remember working with very rigid computers and programs of which I always thought why they looked and felt so outdated. Not at all in line with my personal computer or smartphone in terms of functionalities and ease of use. Therefore, it is exciting to see that there is a company that focusses exactly on this specific market and delivers a service that I would have embraced.

Besides that, the structure and culture of the company really appealed to me, limited hierarchical structures and a very open-minded straight-forward mentality. In that way the speed between decision making and actual implementation is short. I look forward to helping them structure testing processes from within and speed up implementations and updates via automation testing."

What is your main goal, that you want to achieve within S4D?
"The goal is to completely automate all testing processes and create a test suite that functions on all layers of the platform, which is re-usable, user-friendly, modular and scalable for different partners. That will help us guarantee the quality for our partners and massively speed up certain processes which will make sure that we stay the most advanced and future-oriented digital partner!"

What will be the biggest challenge?

"To further improve the continuous integration and deployment pipeline. Once completed it will improve the test environment and acceptance processes. Hereby speeding up development and improving overall quality."